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Fuse Relay is a collective of artists active in Vancouver CA, Los Angeles USA, London UK and Brisbane AU

We are artists, musicians, teachers, researchers and game designers with international profiles. Loving our work isn't just something we do because it's expected; it's integral to how things are accomplished.


The pseudonyms are just a bit of fun. You'll find links to our full info and profiles below.

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Green is a performance practitioner with research background in pedagogy and psychology. His pet project with Fuse Relay is the Thinky Blinky Monsters.

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Pink is an independent artist slated for collaboration on an upcoming multimedia project.



I’m a contracted marketing and business development specialist working with independent artists.

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Purple is award winning illustrator. She is a contracted illustrator for FuseRelay. She's originally from Zambia and moved to the U.K. as a teenager. Her portfolio includes children's literature and corporate clients including Harper Collins and The Body Shop.

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